Why Inverted Bob For Curly Hair Is So Trendy

Curly hair was appreciated at all times, and their owners were adored and highlighted to the rank of goddesses.

Hair & Character

No wonder many famous women had curls – from the favorite of Louis XV Marquise de Pompadour to Coco Chanel. All females with such type of hair are notorious for eccentricity, emotionality and obstinacy. They always dare to have a lot of attention and special attitude. Nevertheless, all of them have also one question: how to tame stubborn hair, take care of it and create unique and beautiful hairdo.

Each curly girl has her own special form of curl, so stylists and experts divide them into three groups:

  • wavy;
  • curly (with S-shaped curl);
  • spiralling.

The form of the curl depends on the genetics of the person, the shape of the hair and the thickness. As a rule, the thinner the hair, the more intense the curls are. 

Fashionable Invention

Why inverted bob for curly hair is so popular? The variants of this hairstyle are capable of transforming the face without the scalpel of the surgeon and the needle of the beautician.

As for bob itself, scandalous hairdresser Antoine de Paris, inspired by the image of Joan of Arc, created this hairstyle in 1909. Those days, it was considered universal, hiding shortcomings and emphasizing virtues of the face. Star clients of Antoine as Edith Piaf, Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, or Greta Garbo made it extremely popular. Their provocative image influenced style and life of many women.

Since then, the bob has undergone many transformations, but remains one of the most popular. One of the new version is inverted bob. If you are dreaming of trying it, but for some reason do not dare, then study pictures and videos on the Internet. Leading stylists of beauty brands will teach you how to choose the perfect haircut according to the shape of the face.

Benefits Of Hairstyle For Curly

Short and medium-sized versions of inverted bob will help to make some improvements to your look:

  • visually extend the neck;
  • help hide the cheekbones;
  • hide slightly enlarged cheeks, wrinkles, and other features that don’t decorate you at all;
  • add volume, and this is a real gift for owners of curly but thin hair.

A square-like and round faces must be visually smoothed if you try elongated variant.  In this case, locks running along the cheeks will help.

By the way, despite the fact that curly hair is a hereditary trait, sometimes nature can present a surprise, and straight hair can suddenly turn into playful curls. The reason for this can serve as a hormonal change, for example, pregnancy.