Why a Long Bob for Straight Hair Makes a Woman Very Trendy

This popular haircut is a real hit of this season. Why women in many countries choose long bob for straight hair? Because it gives beauty, convenience and a variety – all in one, right here.

You don’t admire long hair anymore? But to cut it seems to be too a radical step? Well, now you do not have to think much how to make order on your head.

How To Choose Your Own Style

  • Identify the structure of the hair

Cutting a bob on long hair can be a real salvation for thin and split locks. Correct layering will create volume and give a well-groomed look to the hairstyle. Too thick and heavy long straight hair will be light and comfortable with the same technique. Working with the tips of hair with thinning scissors will help hard and thick hair create the illusion of compliance and softness.

Even with a minimum layering, a long bob will look great on both thick and thin locks. It presents natural and stylish messy look.

  • Pay attention to the face form

When your face has some outstanding features, layering will help to smooth out their visibility. Wide cheekbones can be masked by professional bob. A similar effect can be achieved by framing the sides of the face with long locks.

A haircut with asymmetry will help to switch attention from a big nose or a massive chin. This is effect of shifting gazes from facial drawbacks to unusual elements of the hairstyle.

  • Take into consideration lifestyle

For those who name strictness and determination as a life credo, long bob haircut with a clear contour and a straight bang will do just fine. A gentle and refined image will be supported by layered strands that fall on the forehead. It will be ideal for the girls who like sporty outfits or romantic dresses in combination with fashionable footwear.

Like A Movie Star

No doubt, this sophisticated hairstyle has become a real boom this year. Many beauties have decided to radically change their image and make a trendy haircut, including even Hollywood stars.  

Long bob is now on the peak of popularity! So if you are thinking about changing your hairstyle, be sure to not pass by this fashionable option. Moreover, with a professional hairdresser you may play with a color adding some magic to your total look.