Why Blunt Cut Bob For Fine Hair Is So Adored by Women

In theory, stylish short women’s haircuts are suitable for everyone. Bob, a short square or pixie, a short haircut is always in fashion, not to mention its practical side.

Three main reasons to choose blunt bob for fine hair are:

  • blunt cut performed by professional makes your hair stronger and healthier;
  • it contributes to accuracy and sleekness of texture;
  • you may try to mix “asymmetry” and “bob” making a very romantic and a bit messy look.

But first of all, let’s examine together when hairdressers mastered this new trend.

What Is Bob And Why It’s In Demand

Bob itself was invented at the beginning of the First World War, when the girls were forced to part with their curls, helping at the front. Later, this haircut was associated with freedom, struggle and independence of women.

In general, bob has long become a classic, so you do not risk anything, choosing such a hairstyle for yourself. Hollywood beauties actively support the trend, saying goodbye to their long hair without regret. Just look at such celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Alicia Kees, Jessie J and many others. This season, the numerous versions of the bob also continue to stir the minds of fashionistas around the world. At the Fashion Weeks, you can see many models with this type of haircut. Now this hairdo fits to almost all the girls.

From Podiums To Streets

Blunt bob is the latest version of the so famous hairstyle. Guru of beauty sphere Vidal Sassoon was proclaimed to be the father of the novelty. Literally this is a very short square, the length of which reaches the lower edge of the ear. In addition, the cut must be clear and even. If you have thin hair, then take care of creating extra volume. So blunt cut bob performed with layers will be the most optimal solution in this situation. For example, take a look at such a star as Lucy Hale. Isn’t she just irresistible?

Top designers, regular fashionistas and famous bloggers preferring this a bit dramatic, but so angular style not without a reason. You may easily find many photos on the Internet that this haircut suited for a number of face shapes, as well as hair textures and colors. Such facts to much degree explain the dominance and such popularity.

Go Ahead

So if you need something catchy and you would like to be considered a la mode girl among your friends, be courageous to make a radical change with you hair. Follow examples of Hollywood stars who for sure knows what is really fashionable.