How to cut a dark Caesar haircut

How to cut a dark Caesar haircut

Caesar” haircut is not particularly original. Accurate execution of the form, regular unburden some styling will help to always keep a diligent look. The specificity of the hairstyle is aimed at hiding flaws, convenience.

Classic “Caesar” assumes a uniform length of the haircut. Hair reaches 3-5 cm, gently framing the face. Stylists tend to approach each client individually. They change the parameters of the hairstyle, focusing on the appearance and needs of the person. Read more...

Why Blunt Cut Bob For Fine Hair Is So Adored by Women

Why Blunt Cut Bob For Fine Hair Is So Adored by Women

In theory, stylish short women’s haircuts are suitable for everyone. Bob, a short square or pixie, a short haircut is always in fashion, not to mention its practical side.

Three main reasons to choose=&0=&are=&1=&

  • blunt cut performed by professional makes your hair stronger and healthier;
  • it contributes to accuracy and sleekness of texture;
  • you may try to mix “asymmetry” and “bob” making a very romantic and a bit messy look.
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    Why Inverted Bob For Curly Hair Is So Trendy

    Why Inverted Bob For Curly Hair Is So Trendy

    Curly hair was appreciated at all times, and their owners were adored and highlighted to the rank of goddesses.

    Hair & Character

    No wonder many famous women had curls – from the favorite of Louis XV Marquise de Pompadour to Coco Chanel. All females with such type of hair are notorious for eccentricity, emotionality and obstinacy. They always dare to have a lot of attention and special attitude. Nevertheless, all of them have also one question: how to tame stubborn hair, take care of it and create unique and beautiful hairdo.

    Each curly girl has her own special form of curl, so stylists and experts divide them into three groups:

    • wavy;
    • curly (with S-shaped curl);
    • spiralling.

    The form of the curl depends on the genetics of the person, the shape of the hair and the thickness. As a rule, the thinner the hair, the more intense the curls are. 

    Fashionable Invention

    Why =&2=& is so popular? The variants of this hairstyle are capable of transforming the face without the scalpel of the surgeon and the needle of the beautician.

    As for bob itself, scandalous hairdresser Antoine de Paris, inspired by the image of Joan of Arc, created this hairstyle in 1909. Those days, it was considered universal, hiding shortcomings and emphasizing virtues of the face. Star clients of Antoine as Edith Piaf, Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, or Greta Garbo made it extremely popular. Their provocative image influenced style and life of many women.

    Since then, the bob has undergone many transformations, but remains one of the most popular. One of the new version is inverted bob. If you are dreaming of trying it, but for some reason do not dare, then study pictures and videos on the Internet. Leading stylists of beauty brands will teach you how to choose the perfect haircut according to the shape of the face.

    Benefits Of Hairstyle For Curly

    Short and medium-sized versions of inverted bob will help to make some improvements to your look:

  • visually extend the neck;
  • help hide the cheekbones;
  • hide slightly enlarged cheeks, wrinkles, and other features that don’t decorate you at all;
  • add volume, and this is a real gift for owners of curly but thin hair.
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    Why Bob Is a Cool Option for Red Hair

    Why Bob Is a Cool Option for Red Hair

    How can you describe a red-haired beauty? What kind of feelings you have looking at this sweetheart? Quite right, only positive. Redhaired women are cheerful, bright, fiery, sunny persons. True, there were severe times of the Middle Ages, when owners of hair of this color invariably associated with witchcraft, magic and otherworldly forces. In addition, nature usually awards such girls with fair skin and freckles, and the hair is mostly thick and curly.

    The new season was marked by a new wave of constant demand for bright red and copper-flame tones, both from fashionistas and popular designers. Old days stereotypes, connecting the flame color with a violent temper, have long been destroyed. And modern women of all ages and social statuses have the opportunity to enjoy juicy shades of red.

    The =&0=& with a bang is popular among young girls, as well as among women of middle age. This is a universal option, which has already become classic. When choosing this trendy haircut, pay attention to the length of the locks. If you have a short forehead line, the square with a short bang perfectly suits you, which, by the way, becomes one of the main trends of this season.


  • A classic haircut with a long bang. If you want to create an original look, try making you hair in the Cleopatra style. This looks beautiful on the thick hair. But for thin one, it is better to choose variants with asymmetry.
  • A classic bob on thin hair. Be sure to consult with a specialist how to choose the right length of the locks and the style. In most cases, a thin bang from the crown is suitable for thin hair. This type will help you to add volume to your hair.
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    Why Women Like Short Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

    Why Women Like Short Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

    Several years in a row this hairstyle has remained at the peak of popularity. Women all over the world prefer short bob when they want to be trendy. This is really a timeless look! It can be worn by everyone with thick hair, which presents to its owner a lot of opportunities for different hairdos.

    With myriads of modern and fresh photos in the world web, each woman with short bob hair can find something unique and charismatic to match her personality. No matter if she is a rock star of world scale, the girl next door, or probably the avant-garde trendsetter, or an ordinary school teacher –  a short bob can be a great hairstyle for this very girl or lady.

    Here are five main advantages of =&0=&:

  • A great deal of models that allows you to choose a haircut for any face type, taking into considerations such personal parameters as age, color of hair etc.
  • Stylists and hairdressers are very experienced in this type of haircut, so successfully choosing a professional you may get what you want.
  • If the cutting technique is strictly followed, you can forget about the daily styling, since the hair itself lies in a beautiful hairstyle, without requiring exhausting everyday care.
  • In this season, all varieties of this haircut are relevant, as it is optimally suited for both round and elongated faces. Stylists offer a row of fashionable options.
  • The last significant benefit is naturalness. The lines are so simple and laconic, easy and natural. Such neat and a bit magic look helps to the woman to get rid of the inner irritation or some kind of perplexity. Such compelling girl will always be in the center of attention, organically fitting into the context of a severe office corporate culture, a noisy party, a fashionable “acid disco”, a theater, country club, or restaurant.
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