How to cut a dark Caesar haircut

Caesar” haircut is not particularly original. Accurate execution of the form, regular unburden some styling will help to always keep a diligent look. The specificity of the hairstyle is aimed at hiding flaws, convenience.

Classic “Caesar” assumes a uniform length of the haircut. Hair reaches 3-5 cm, gently framing the face. Stylists tend to approach each client individually. They change the parameters of the hairstyle, focusing on the appearance and needs of the person.

Modern interpretations of Caesar’s Hair differ by the shortened occur, slightly elongated structure of the maculate and parietal area, small straight bangs outlining the forehead. The ultra-fashionable variations contain a sharp difference in length with a naked nape. The shortened areas can be decorated with shaved patterns.

Many people consider the men’s haircut “Caesar” boring. The variant does not allow you to make stylish styling, significantly change the image. However, the hairstyle emphasizes the masculinity of the look, it is convenient, practical. The model is not devoid of “zest”.

History of appearance

Given the name of the haircut: “Caesar”, its origin goes back to antiquity. According to legends, the model was invented for the great Gaius Julius Caesar. The emperor of Rome began to lose his hair prematurely. In order to maintain his almighty image, the man was suggested to change his hairstyle.

Over the centuries, the haircut was repeatedly returned to. On the basis of the classic form, new models were developed. For example, the sporty “Box” differs little from the prototype.

In modern times, the surge of interest in “Caesar” is justified by the choice of the famous actor George Clooney. The man managed to revive the fashion for this form. Many have tried to copy the celebrity.

Modern variations are discernible in computer game characters. Young people took the example, imitating the revered images. The fact led to a new round of popularization of the model.

The haircut “Caesar” does not occupy the tops of popularity, but continues to be in demand. The hairstyle is chosen by men of all ages. The typical form allows you to keep a neat, youthful look.

Caesar haircut

Who suits

The haircut “Caesar” is far from universal. When choosing a variant will have to carefully approach the assessment of appearance, hair structure, styling opportunities. Take into account the following points:

  • A large round or massive square face with such a hairstyle will visually increase;
  • Excessively thin or elongated face with a haircut will aggravate the defects;
  • flat bangs will attract attention to the geometry of the face, pronounced flaws;
  • A short length will bring out the imperfections of the contours of the head;
  • Curls will make the appearance of a disheveled, untidy;
  • Disobedient stiff hair will require a thorough styling.

Stylists recommend choosing a model for men with an oval, slightly elongated face. The hair must have a straight or slightly curly structure, easily amenable to styling.

Varying the length of the bangs, it is possible to visually correct the length of the oval. Changing the volume of the crown, really affect the width of the face. The shaved nape of the head will visually lengthen the neck. A homogeneous length transition with a reduction at the bottom will make the head look neater.

Caesar haircut is easy to combine with different clothing styles. Shorter variations look better with sporty, loose-fitting clothes. The classic shape harmonizes well with business clothes.

Self and professional performance

To make a haircut “Caesar” is realistic by yourself. Before performing it is recommended to view the master class, carefully study the technique with a description of the work. It is necessary to prepare the following tools:

  • a fine comb;
  • scissors with sharp blades;
  • machine with nozzles.

In a hair salon with the task will cope quickly. The stylist will recommend suitable parameters of the hairstyle. Master services will cost inexpensive.

Working technology

Caesar” haircut does not refer to technologically complex models. The scheme of actions during hair processing is simple:

  • The hair is washed, dried.
  • Hair combed. The strands from the center of the crown are directed towards the forehead.
  • The hair in this area is cut with a machine or scissors. It is necessary to achieve a uniform length. It is necessary to arrange elongated bangs beforehand, not touching the ends in the frontal area.
  • The strands at the back of the head are removed with a machine. It is recommended to work against the hair growth. It is possible to bare the zone evenly under an absolute zero or to make a smooth touchdown. Variants with transition are more popular.
  • Whiskers are equal to the nape of the neck.
  • The bangs are the last part. Straight cuts are made at the right level. Common is the short bangs.

Hairstyles are stacked at will. It is possible to carefully comb the hair, setting the form. Longer strands of the vertex in young people are usually ruffled in disorder.

Hairstyle variations and styling secrets

Classic “Caesar” with a uniform length is more suitable for men of middle and older age. The hairstyle allows you to maintain a neat masculine look. The styling of such a model consists in the careful ordering of the strands within the shape. For some, this involves the usual combing, for others is poured into the use of a hairdryer, iron, styling means.

Transitions of length from the crown to the temples and the back of the head help to diversify, refresh the form. Hairstyle becomes not so boring. This variation is often preferred by young people. A sharp transition of length looks interesting. The addition of shaved lines makes the slope of a haircut in the direction of unconventional. Models with a small length of the top do not need styling. A more voluminous top will require more attention.

Pros and cons

The haircut “Caesar” refers to simple, comfortable models of the classic tone. The option does not need a complex styling, goes well with different styles of clothing. The hairstyle is not limited by age or lifestyle.

To the disadvantages of “Caesar” include the need to combine with the appearance. The classic model looks boring, and modern options will not allow themselves to everyone. The hairstyle will not allow changing, to diversify the appearance. The form will have to update often.