Why Bob Is a Cool Option for Red Hair

How can you describe a red-haired beauty? What kind of feelings you have looking at this sweetheart? Quite right, only positive. Redhaired women are cheerful, bright, fiery, sunny persons. True, there were severe times of the Middle Ages, when owners of hair of this color invariably associated with witchcraft, magic and otherworldly forces. In addition, nature usually awards such girls with fair skin and freckles, and the hair is mostly thick and curly.

The new season was marked by a new wave of constant demand for bright red and copper-flame tones, both from fashionistas and popular designers. Old days stereotypes, connecting the flame color with a violent temper, have long been destroyed. And modern women of all ages and social statuses have the opportunity to enjoy juicy shades of red.

The red bob hair with a bang is popular among young girls, as well as among women of middle age. This is a universal option, which has already become classic. When choosing this trendy haircut, pay attention to the length of the locks. If you have a short forehead line, the square with a short bang perfectly suits you, which, by the way, becomes one of the main trends of this season.

Here Are Some Variants Of Bob Haircuts:

  • A classic haircut with a long bang. If you want to create an original look, try making you hair in the Cleopatra style. This looks beautiful on the thick hair. But for thin one, it is better to choose variants with asymmetry.
  • A classic bob on thin hair. Be sure to consult with a specialist how to choose the right length of the locks and the style. In most cases, a thin bang from the crown is suitable for thin hair. This type will help you to add volume to your hair.

  • Bob with elongation is a hairstyle that does not suit everyone. It’s really appropriate for chubby women, because the tips of the hair visually lengthen the face, creating a symmetrical image. Such a hairstyle, as a rule, does not have a bang, but if desired, you can create a classic oblique bang on the side, which will harmoniously complement the image. The bob with an elongation looks great on red hair, especially if it is made with asymmetric locks. Many stylists recommend combining bob with elongated strands with hair styling.

Also, the classic bob with straight strands, which implies a slight elongation, is in fashion. Layering is the element of the haircut that is created with the help of conventional and thinning scissors. In this case, each lock of hair is cut under a certain degree, in accordance with the control lock.

After reading this article, many women can regret that they have hair of other colors. Don’t panic, since the modern beauty industry can offer a lot of quality hair dyes which will be of help. Just consult with a professional hairdresser if the bob for red hair will make you more stylish. Why don’t you try something new, or completely change your image?